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AngelBebe offers numerous services to fulfill the customers needs. That being said all appointments that are booked is a time set available for you! So, please be mindful and if need be to cancel appointments do so 72 hours (3 days) in advance. We respect you booking with us as we also ask for respect back for doing this service. Same day cancellation does result in a full nonrefundable payment. Thank you for understanding.


We assure you that all of our products will arrive on time for delivery and available for pick up. All products are packaged and checked for best quality before sent out to the consumer. We take pride in our products quality and conditions and care about our customers receiving exactly what they asked for.


Although nobody's perfect and mistakes do happen, if you receive the wrong item, an extra item charged, missing item, wrong size/ too small or too big, or damaged item please reach out to customer service with a brief message and/or picture of the item(s) damaged and/or missing, and of a product that may be too big or too small. All defected items will be exchanged and/or returned free of charge. We will look back at your confirmations date of original purchase to ensure any dishonesty of damaged items, wrong sizing, missing, etc. that come to our attention once Customer Service has been notified. This is not an outlet to get free products. We want to help and hope you trust us in getting what you asked for as much as we value our loyalty to you as a customer by thoroughly reviewing your concerns, Thank You.


Our customer’s privacy is of the highest importance to our business, we encourage you to set up an account with us to keep saved items in your wish list as well as in your cart to come back to. All information is private, each member has their own account to view payments, cart, and bookings making it user friendly and private just for you and ONLY YOU! To ensure all payments went through and completed successfully a confirmation email will be sent out and/or a text message if you list your phone number as an option of contact. We want you to gain our trust and make sure you keep coming back to our site, so we made customer access more suitable to you all! 


Interested in help selling our products? Become a sponsor! email us with subject line "become a sponsor" and follow us on instagram @unique_mink. Be sure to tag our page to any pictures using our products and use hashtags such as #UNIQUEMINK, #ANGELBEBE, etc. We love to see positive influencers/ambassadors that want to help grow our business!


- Credit / Debit Cards
- Cashapp

- ApplePay

- In Person Payments

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